Enter the Mirari Sphere

What is Mirari Marble?

Mirari Marble is a 3D platformer where players
will take control of a ball-shaped rover used for
traversing foreign planetary surfaces, otherwise
known as a Mirarble. With emphasis on speed and
movement, players may find controlling the
Mirarble easy to pick up and learn, but hard to
master and put down.

What more can I expect gameplay-wise?

Both single and multiplayer! Discover the world
and race your own pace in campaign and speed
runner modes for solo play. Then team up with or
against friends in multiplayer obstacle and
collectathon modes. Mirari Marble will also
feature an in-game level editor players can use
to create their own maps and share with other
players through the Mirari Sphere.

Who is the girl?

Every adventure has its 'princess' and the name
of our beloved is Engel~ Life is tough little as it is
big, care free and alone or together and
struggling, slave in the light or freedom in
darkness. Give yourself to higher reason! Hone
your ability and seize tomorrow's moon. If you
can't beat the game you don't get the princess.

Mirari Sphere?

Fancy word for community-hub. Mirari
Sphere will serve as a platform for
other artists to showcase their work.
Players can upload their own maps and
skins into the Mirari Sphere for other
players to view and play. Maps can be

voted on by the community to
be placed into the official
map pools. Skins can
also be voted on to be
minted into the game,
initial sale split
45% Mirari Marble
55% artist- you!

Crypto elements?

Mirari Marble is free-2-play with play-2-earn access
for players who hold a skin for their Mirarble. Every
Mirarble is unique with no two identical designs in
order to express player individuality. Mirarbles will
have access to 3 different reward systems. Mini
rewards per win in PvP, Meta rewards for top
performers in PvP at the end of every season, Mass
rewards for record time holders in singleplayer and
speedrunner modes.

How can I play?

Anyone can play! Mirari Marble is free-2-play, but we're
still in the middle of development so public access won't
be until Winter this year. If you would like to play before
public release you can! Initial holders of Mirarbles
pre-release will gain access to a tester-key where they can
play demo builds of Mirari Marble both single and multiplayer
with other testers. Be apart of the building process!

What's your favorite anime?

Kaiba (2008). Created by Masaaki Yuasa and produced by Madhouse.
Go watch!

Stay up to date!

Keep up with all the latest updates, speak with the devs directly,
and connect with other waifu and marble enjoyers across the
globe- through the wired.